About MMA Challenge

Chances are, you're here to play our MMA Challenge. But, if you're looking for a little background on MMA Challenge and what we are all about, enjoy!


Us. You. Your Friends. Your Family. Your Enemies. And everyone else that loves competition!

Without our members, we are nothing, and we know that. Therefore, EVERYONE is behind MMA Challenge! We rely on our members spreading the word and making this baby run smoothly. So, welcome to the ONLY nation in the world that is truly governed by you, the members of MMA Challenge!


MMA Challenge is the world's premier no-risk sports community where you can play, compete and win all for FREE. We offer a free, world-wide social network focusing entirely on the competitive nature we are all born with. MMA Challenge is a virtual world where you can meet and beat thousands of members in a wide variety of risk-free sports challenges.


Where do you think? The internet! We are here to take over the entire competitive sports WORLD, not just a city, state, or country. Thanks to the internet, our outstanding staff and motivated members, we look forward to providing everyone around the globe with hundreds of chances to beat the world!


Now. Tomorrow. And Beyond! We plan on growing every minute of every day. Because everything here revolves around our members and ever-changing content, MMA Challenge gives an entirely new threshold to the dynamic internet.


Mainly because we love competition, but also because we think we can put food on the table if we make MMA Challenge big enough. We never want to serve our members up with thousands of ads on the site like all the other social networking sites out there. Instead, we aim to provide a superior product that gives the members just what they are looking for without all the junk.

No-Risk Sports Community

Let's break it down to the nitty gritty...

No Risk
You will never risk a penny in any of our Challenges. All challenges can be played for free, and you are eligible to win all prizes.

If you're not a sports fanatic, you're in the wrong place. MMA Challenge is governed by our members, who happen to be serious sports fans. We are proud to offer challenges that will appeal to ALL major sports around the world including: football, basketball, racing, boxing, baseball, bowling, cricket, soccer, curling, cycling, field hockey, hockey, golf, lacrosse, MMA and more.

Our members run the show here at MMA Challenge. The IN community allows you to interact, compete and battle with sports fans from around the world. The MMA Challenge community even has it's own currency, Coins, which can be used for sweet prizes in our IN Store.

IN a Nutshell...

MMA Challenge was originally created to provide sports enthusiasts with an exciting alternative to gambling. Since then, we have evolved far beyond the world of sports and we are proud to offer competitive challenges for sweet prizes at absolutely NO RISK to every member.

We urge all members to STOP gambling in casinos and sports books and instead participate in our RISK FREE challenges. We promise, you won't be disappointed!


MMAChallenge.net is one of many sites on the IN Network. Your same username and password will work on all IN Network sites, and your VIP Club status will carry over to all sites as well. In addition, all account settings and Coins transactions will be transferred as well. So, enjoy all the sports challenges you can! For more details, please go to www.InsideNation.com.

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