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Joined: Jul 28th, 2010
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And the 200 coins reload was the main reason to become a VIP.
Posted Sep 26th 2010 6:43AM
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A Great adittion to the site.
After 3 days, you start seeing the benefits of this promo.
Posted Sep 27th 2010 12:15AM
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And if you cash out all of your coins or you are just a starter? How about then? I cant understand why you guys so satisfied with it.
Posted Sep 27th 2010 6:39AM
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And if you cash out all of your coins or you are just a starter? How about then? I cant understand why you guys so satisfied with it.
The idea behind it is so that you can build a Coin bankroll and always have Coins to bet.  If you are risking all your Coins on each bet you are just trying to get lucky and win.  With 50 Coins you can still do a parley and win 1000 Coins easily.  Now that you get Coins Daily you can get 1500 Coins per month versus maybe only getting 200 before since VIP could only reload up to 100 and basic 20.  Why would you cashout your Coins to zero to begin with.  What you would want to do is build your Coins so that you can cashout and still have plenty left to bet.  This requires patience and yes a little luck :)
Posted Sep 27th 2010 1:21PM
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Think the change is for the better by far.
Posted Oct 2nd 2010 10:05PM
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50 is much better than nothing.

And you can do much,
Last month I had only 20 (reload to basic members)

today i have a little over 4000.

It needs patience and bet on certain games.
Posted Oct 6th 2010 1:58PM
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at least i will alwasy have a few coins lol!!
Posted Oct 6th 2010 8:07PM
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i like it just the way iy is
Posted Oct 26th 2010 6:16PM
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you no what would be cool is teases in football
Posted Oct 29th 2010 2:36PM
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Posted Nov 19th 2010 6:48AM
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<h1>InsideNation NEWS FLASH - 50 Coins Daily</h1>
<hr />
<div style="float: right; padding-left: 20px;">194-1285179606</div>
<div class="clearfix">

InsideNation is taking yet another step in the right direction to
benefit its members even more!!! Effective today you will no longer
reload your Coins once you run out.  Don't get mad because we have
something better! 

Now instead of reloading, you will get 10 - 50 Coins EACH DAY!  You will see the Green button
to hit on every page until you accept your Coins.  Make sure you come
to InsideNation each day to get your free Coins. If you miss a day on
getting your Coins, the next day is still 50 NOT 100 and so on.  All the
more reason to go to InsideNation each and every day! 

*VIP members will receive 50 Coins while basic members get just 10 Coins.  Just another great benefit of being VIP! To start getting 50 Coins each day Upgrade to VIP here.   Also if you don't want to use your credit card please contact our support and they can assist you in upgrading with Moneybookers or PayPal.

Posted Nov 27th 2010 7:03PM
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How was it before?
Posted Dec 31st 2010 1:22PM
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Posted Feb 13th 2011 8:30AM
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Posted Feb 14th 2011 4:02PM
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