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Making multiple straight bets
I've a suggestion--how about making it a little easier to make multiple straight wagers in a single sport by allowing us to check them all on one page and then entering the risk amounts on one page. As it is, if you check multiple selections, it automatically goes to parlay. I'd rather check the ones I want all at once, instead of constantly going back and forth. This will be especially useful for baseball, when usually for five days a week there are full slates of 15 games.
Just an idea. Thanks.
Posted Apr 1st 2011 12:33PM
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Yea, like a pop-up window with a betting slip..... you could check or uncheck matches that you have selected to calculate odds as you wish to bet them.
Posted Apr 1st 2011 1:23PM
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That's a good idea, and definitely something that is not beyond our scope of possibility. We'll talk about it and ask other members and see what works best. Thanks for the suggestions guys, we always like getting input from our members.
Posted Apr 1st 2011 7:09PM
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