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Djokovic: Greatest Season Ever?
Djokovic just beat Rafael Nadal for the 6th time in a tournament finals this year. He is 6-0 against Rafa, beating him once on grass, twice on clay and 3 times on hard court. He has only lost twice all season and for the year he is 20-2 against the world's top 10, and won 3 Grand Slams. Oh yeah he also won over $10.5 million, the moste ever. So the question that's lingering is was this the greatest year ever? Here are the top candidates, you decide.

Posted Sep 15th 2011 1:54PM
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Djokovic had a great season and still going! But I'm Nadal fan! Great player and person ;)
Posted Sep 17th 2011 12:19PM
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I've sort of gotten away from tennis in the last few years (about 20, but it doesn't seem that long)...but I did like to watch between 74-84 & while the game has evolved (a lot to do with equipment & training) I'd say just by his numbers, Djokovic is having the best season. I just feel that 74's top 10 was tougher!

1 Connors, Jimmy (USA) *   
2 Newcombe, John (AUS)*   
3 Borg, Bjorn (SWE) *   
4 Laver, Rod (AUS) *   
5 Vilas, Guillermo (ARG)*    
6 Okker, Tom (NED)    
7 Ashe, Arthur (USA) *   
8 Smith, Stan (USA)*    
9 Rosewall, Ken (AUS)*   
10 Nastase, Ilie (ROU)*

And 84's top 10 was almost as good (maybe even more fun to watch)

 1 McEnroe, John (USA)*    
 2 Connors, Jimmy (USA) *   
 3 Lendl, Ivan (USA) *   
 4 Wilander, Mats (SWE)*    
 5 Gomez, Andres (ECU)    
 6 Jarryd, Anders (SWE)     
 7 Sundstrom, Henrik (SWE)    
 8 Teltscher, Eliot (USA)
 9 Noah, Yannick (FRA)*   
10 Cash, Pat (AUS)
(* denotes HoF member)

Today's top 10

 1 Djokovic, Novak (SRB)    
 2 Nadal, Rafael (ESP)    
 3 Federer, Roger (SUI)    
 4 Murray, Andy (GBR)    
 5 Ferrer, David (ESP)    
 6 Soderling, Robin (SWE)    
 7 Monfils, Gael (FRA)    
 8 Fish, Mardy (USA)    
 9 Berdych, Tomas (CZE)    
10 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried (FRA)

 ATM, I could see 2 of the top 10 in the HoF (Nadal & Federer) & in a few years this field may rival these other 2 top 10 seasons & "if" Djokovic can come up with another year like this he'll be a future HoF member too.
Posted Sep 18th 2011 10:38AM
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Yeah the field is definitely not as deep as they were in the past, but the fact that he never lost to Nadal all year really bodes well for him. He really couldn't have done anymore. In 2006 Federer won 3 Grand Slams and lost in the Finals of the French so to me that's the only season I can put on the same level.
Posted Sep 21st 2011 1:57PM
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