MMA Challenge - How to Play

MMA Challenge Introduction

Welcome to the MMA Challenge! This is an absolutely FREE, FUN, and Entertaining contest. It's so SIMPLE, all you have to do is select the winners, the round, and how they will win. Watch your Coin bankroll grow with each match and take it to the Cashier and exchange it for REAL MONEY without risking a penny!

The Basics

MMA Challenge is so simple, even if you don't know anything about the sport you still have a chance to win! Of course the more you know, the better your chances are.

We Give You Coins

Coins are the official currency of MMA Challenge, and we will GIVE you 20 of them to start.

How to Play

For every major MMA event, we will post the most popular fights. You have to go through and select:
- Which fighter is going to win?
- How many rounds will the fight last?
- What will end the fight?

As you select each option they will turn green and will save once you have selected all 3 options.

How Do You Win?

Each selection you make earns you Points! You get 15 Points for selecting the winner, 5 points for the right round, and 5 points for the correct way of victory. You will compete on a leaderboard over a series of matches. Whoever gets the most points wins Coins from the leaderboard. Yes, that simple!

Cash Out Your Coins

So you just won Coins from the Leaderboard and you want to cashout! Head to the Cashier and exchange those Coins for REAL Money! We payout in 3 ways, PayPal, MoneyBookers, and Check in the Mail.

VIP Club Advantages

Like always, our VIP Club members get some serious advantages with MMA Challenge. To see a list of the benefits, check out our VIP Club and upgrade ASAP.*

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