Todd Duffee UFC comeback and more..

UFC Heavyweight Todd Duffee returned to the UFC with a Knock Out of the Night winning performance against Phil De Fries at UFC 155. He'd been lost in the wilderness for over two years following his KO loss to Mike  Russow and a subsequent ill-advised foray to social media to complain about the UFC's medical care policies.

Duffee talked with sherdog about how badly hurt was his development as a fighter becouse of the stuff he had to take care on those two years of inactivity, he told them that it was like he thought he was delirious about him being a really good heavyweight, for every fan sake, kickboxing saved him ($$$), now we can enjoy him on the UFC, that shows you why the UFC is normally related to be controlled by the DARK FORCE.


YES I PICKED HIM TO WIN BY KO. He was basically the only matchup I got right on last event Challenge.

  • Main event for UFC 155 was 25 minutes of Mexican Taco in your face, the brazilian couldn't even land a decent punch since he was too scared of Cain's TKDs. I was amazed by the fact that he let him punch/touch his face just in order to prevent the potential takedown (holding hands down?)



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