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News Story #351

UFC 121 Lesnar Gets Rocked

Posted October 25th 2010 11:45AM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

All the hype before the match was about Brock Lesnar and Brocktober, but in the end on a night of a full moon the wolf yelped Cain Velasquez the winner. Cain won in a dominating fashion that no one expected, not even me. He was able to get Brock e... read more

News Story #348

Preview with Lesnar on UFC 121

Posted October 22nd 2010 7:36PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

Check out the interview with Brock! I think he is ready to retain his title.

News Story #346

Time to Make your Picks - UFC 121

Posted October 22nd 2010 7:25PM by nailedanother1 in [ Challenges ]

It is time again to make your PICKS in the MMAChallenge here. The big fight is tomorrow, don't miss out! Bronze leaderboardis currently at 8,400 Coins! The more that make their picks the more that gets paid out!

News Story #338

Chris Leben Arrested!

Posted October 21st 2010 7:46AM by CcucuX in [ Sports ]

Chris Leben has been arrested, police officers believe he was driving his car under the influence. The UFC Fighter got out on bail after he paid $1,000. Policemen say he was driving on the Interstate when he lost control of his car and hit a p... read more

News Story #332

MC Hammer Buying in Bulk

Posted October 20th 2010 1:53PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

Former Grammy winner MC Hammer and his MMA management company have signed six new clients. I might be slow but I never knew he was into MMA and I thought he was broke. One of the top signers is Paulo Fiho. Other fighters included Eric Lawson,... read more

News Story #331

Everything the Fans Want

Posted October 20th 2010 1:49PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

What more could we want in a fight? Lesnar vs Velasquez is exactly what we want to see. To big dudes battling it out in the octogon with no wear to run, like either would run away anyways. Lesnar's last performance was lucky but still pro... read more

News Story #323

What a Punch!

Posted October 18th 2010 3:49PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

Carlos Conditdelivered one of the hardest punches I have ever seen! In a match against the crowd favorite Dan Hardy he silenced them all in the first round. In what could have almost been a double knockout it ended up with Condit the winner. ... read more

News Story #318

Another Win for Bute

Posted October 18th 2010 2:51AM by CcucuX in [ Sports ]

Lucian Bute managed to get his 22nd KO against Jesse Brinkley, while retaining his IBF Super Middleweight title in front of a crowd of 11,682 in Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Bute sent Brinkley down 2:48 in the 9th round after a left up... read more

News Story #315

Hoops Pro Challenge for Basketball Fans!

Posted October 16th 2010 10:40AM by Birdman in [ Announcements, Challenges, Sports ]

The NBA Basketball season is right around the corner and we are excited to announce the launch of our Hoops Pro Challenge. For the remainder of the pre-season we are paying out Coins every day. Once the regular season starts, we'll be paying o... read more

News Story #314

Michael Bisping vs Yoshihiro Akiyama - MAKE YOUR PICKS

Posted October 15th 2010 9:07PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

UFC 120 is fast approaching! It starts in less than 24 hrs so make your picks now! Current prize pool for the Bronze leaderboardis an astounding 8500 Coins! Who do you guys think will win?

News Story #309

The Champ is Back!

Posted October 14th 2010 7:25AM by CcucuX in [ Sports ]

Remy Bonjasky has recovered after his eye operation. The fighter held a semiran in Dortmund, Germany and sent the german fighters to practice. The 3 times K-1 World Champion, Remy Bonjasky will miss this year's Final Elimination idue to hi... read more

News Story #306

UFC 124 - Four Bouts

Posted October 13th 2010 3:59PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

On December 11, 2010 UFC 124 will have an okay card. Two new fights have been added... Stefan Struve and Sean McCorkle Matt Riddle and Anthony Waldburger Each match boasts a mouthful of name. Don't forget to make your picks for thi... read more

News Story #298

Latest Video on UFC 120

Posted October 12th 2010 4:08PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

News Story #296

Ed Hermann comeback

Posted October 12th 2010 1:30PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

After battling in the octagon for nine fights Hermann injured both of his knees. He has been out now 14 months! He recently started his own camp in my home town Fort Collins, CO. Once he started his comeback from his first surgery like some at... read more

News Story #295

Will he get the boot?

Posted October 12th 2010 1:24PM by nailedanother1 in [ Sports ]

Will Spencer Fisher get booted from UFC? If he does not win this weekend most likely he will. Fisher has lost two straight fights which usually in the UFC means straight to somewhere else. His back is against the wall and if i was Curt WarburtonI ... read more

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