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Earn up to 600 Coins when you refer friends to InsideNation, you are not only helping us grow but you are also earning Coins for yourself and your friends will surely have a new favorite sports site!

600 Coins per Friend!

When you refer friends to InsideNation, you are not only helping us grow but you are also earning Coins for yourself.

What YOU Get...

Tier #1: 100 Coins total
When your friends sign up and earns 150 Coins, you will earn 100 Coins for referring them.

Tier #2: 600 Coins total
When your friend upgrades to VIP Club, you will automatically receive an additional 500 Coins!

It doesn't matter WHEN your referral upgrades to VIP Club. It can be today, tomorrow or a year from now. Regardless, you will earn your 500 Coins when they do!

Real Time Statistics Tracking, Landing Pages, & Custom Banners (upon request)

Email Invites, Facebook, Twitter & So Much More!

You can now reach thousands of people with just a few clicks using our great ShareThis! tool. And of course, anyone who signs up will automatically be tracked to you!

Simply click the 'Refer Friends' button on the top right and use the widget to share your links across the web.

Your URLs

As an InsideNation member, you automatically have URLs you can use which will automatically tag any signups as your referrals. To see your URLs, please go to your My Nation > Referrals page.


We have a wide variety of banners you can use in your marketing campaigns to help convert as many referrals as possible.

Business Cards

If you want some InsideNation business cards to distribute locally, just let us know. We will get them in the mail to you as soon as possible so you can start dishing them out!

stay tuned...

Let's Talk Business...

If you have a website or wish to be an offline affiliate, we would love to work with you. Our affiliate program is on an invitation only basis, so if you are interested in hearing more, please contact us directly so we can discuss it with you.

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