MMA Challenge Basic Members VIP Club Members
More Daily Coins Every Day*
VIP Members get 50 Coins per day for free instead of 10.
Coins / day
Coins / day
Lower Minimum Cashout
VIP members can cashout starting at $25!
Cashout Limits
VIP Members can cashout 10x as much!
per month
per month
Cashout Time
VIP Members enjoy priority cashouts over basic members.
bus. days
"God" Mode
See how many wagers have been placed on each team before making your decisions
No Yes
General Upgrades Basic Members VIP Club Members
Faster Support Responses
VIP Club support inquiries will receive top priority for response
No Yes
VIP Live Support
Get access to our Live Support via Instant Messaging for instant responses
No Yes
No Ads!
Say goodbye to ALL banner and text ads when you're logged in to InsideNation.
No Yes
Faster Checkouts
VIP Club members will have priority fullfilment of prizes purchased from the IN Store.
No Yes
VIP Club Forums
Discuss the sports world with other VIP Club members without all the "junk"
No Yes
VIP Club Newsletter
Receive our monthly VIP newsletter as well as insider sports news.
No Yes
Other IN Network Benefits
Your VIP status will carry over to all other InsideNation sites.
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